Good Morning

I took the first step to changing my life. Well, that’s not entirely true. I took the first BIG step to changing my life. I quit my day job to work my side hustle. In doing this, I get to spend my mornings with my baby girl (who is not such a baby anymore at 5 years old–but who will always be my baby). She was just as excited as I was for this life change, probably even more so.

She sleeps in every morning now and completely misses her brother getting on the bus–this makes her feel very special. She stays in her pajamas unless we absolutely have to leave the house to run errands. She has no choice but to change though by noon since she goes to afternoon kindergarten. She does so reluctantly but no matter what, always refuses to brush her hair. So I send her to school half the time looking “homeless” as I call it. Totally winning on the mom front…..

I have to say, so far, I am absolutely loving my mornings with my monster baby doll. This is time I will never be able to get back. I plan on enjoying as much as possible while I work on Strap Grip. And yes, we have side by side desks….YAY!!!


Be Kind and Gobble

I LOVE Thanksgiving!  Not for the food (I know…weirdo!), but for how it reminds people to be thankful and not take things for granted no matter how small. For instance, today there was an elderly gentleman at the post office that moved at a snail’s pace. He was the most pleasant and thoughtful person when speaking to the clerk. As he was leaving, he turned to my business associate (Vera) and asked her if she wanted to meet Rico. He began to unzip his coat. Had he been ANYONE else, this might have been creepy. I am not going to lie, as a mama bear myself, I was alert just in case. Once he unzipped his coat slightly, Rico popped out; this gorgeous purring parrot. Vera’s face lit up as did mine and we engaged in a delightful conversation with this man and Rico. Oh how that made our day! You never know who is going to brighten your day.

With that said, this Saturday is Small Business Saturday. Please support your local businesses. My product, Strap Grip, just launched two new colors that can be purchased alongside the original at Celebrate Local stores in Ohio. The Celebrate Local store has a wide variety of local vendors for just about anything you could want. Stop by and check them out!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Halloween Scare

One thing we really enjoy doing is decorating for holidays. We absolutely LOVE halloween. There are so many disturbing and scary decorations that we have in and out of our home.

My son took to the holiday without pause. He is a bit on the creepy side as it is. Vera on the other hand, has had to get used to it. The first year we had the giant spider that is motion activated on the wall, you couldn’t get Vera to come down the stairs. The next year, this same spider was her “best friend”. The following year, we obtained a life sized witch that cackles and shakes relentlessly when you push the button. Once again, she wouldn’t go within a 20 ft vicinity of this witch. Now, the witch is her new “best friend”.

She has gotten so used to the scariness of halloween that she not only agreed to participate in but was elated for a prank we planned on her own dad. He finds clowns to be unsettling, which I am coming to find out, so do many other folks.

Well, not Vera.



Food Fix

Grocery shopping with Vera when we are both hungry….not the greatest idea. Everything looked delicious, especially the enormous doughnuts. She was aiming for brownies, but the store didn’t have any pre-made ones. Those are super addicting like Pringles, you can’t just eat one. I compromised and got the doughnuts. She has eaten all but one (bad parenting–I have been using them as bribes to brush her hair).

Honestly, it was also a much needed break from reality. Food fixes almost everything for me. I really enjoy the whole eating food thing. It suppresses feelings of all sorts (today the main feeling was overwhelming/anxiety), which I totally understand is a problem that should probably be handled a bit different. But when you are putting a kit kat in your mouth after eating homemade fried rice with hibachi filet mignon, there are few better moments. I LOVE food!

Vera shares in this love of food so much so it always changes her moods. If she is grumpy and eats something, she immediately becomes content. Oh a girl after my heart!

This is a picture from the One Hope Wine event hosted this past Thursday.



Witch and Wine

So many things going on right now. One of the things is preparing for a One Hope Wine party tomorrow, which if you don’t know about One Hope Wine, they donate to charities. So if you like to drink wine (which is I gotta say, is one of my favorite hobbies), then why not have those proceeds go to something you care about. I mean, if you are going to drink (responsibly of course), have it matter sometimes.

So Vera has been coming with me to all these stores as I prepare because I have to make things as difficult as possible and cook everything (why?????). On one of our adventures I found a witch’s hat. Vera believes in witches and thinks that if she befriends one, then she will be “in”. She is still terrified of them but really enjoys the power they have. Needless to say, I purchased the hat and will keep this gig going on as long as possible…


Let me tell you about my best friend

Gonna get personal today…  My relationship with Vera is especially important to me far beyond the fact that she is my daughter.  That is because my mother was my best friend.

She taught me the normal life lessons but the most important thing I learned from her was how special it is to have your mom as your best friend. Best friends are the first person you go to when something good or bad happens, the first person you think of when strange coincidences occur, the person you love to do absolutely nothing with and it will still be a fun memorable time, the person you experience life with, and so much more. I had that time with my mom up until April 6, 2016. You see, I lost my mom to stage 4 breast cancer.

When you lose someone that important to you, you really take your own life into account. You no longer want to waste the time you have left living someone else’s dream. For that reason, I chose to leave my 9-5 (felt like a 24 hour) job and work solely on Strap Grip. In doing this, I get my mornings with my daughter. I get to build that very special relationship with Vera as my mom did with me. That is absolutely priceless.  I get the chance to follow my dreams with Strap Grip (which I donate 10% of all proceeds to breast cancer charities) and spend much needed quality time with my baby girl. 4CD8669D-70D6-4CE2-AA1F-0C8FFDF8DDB8

Enjoy the Crazy

It is so easy to get caught up in doubt. Are you a good mother? Did you make the right decision? Are you devoting enough time to each task? Are you making enough time for yourself? The questions are seemingly endless. I do not doubt, however, that Vera is not full of doubt yet.

She knows when she runs in the yard and the grass is wet that the grass is wet from dew as opposed to dog pee. Me, I am not so sure. It is one of the many things I love about her. She knows how to be a kid in every way and reminds me to chill out and have a good time.

We have our whole adult lives to be serious and worry as much as our hearts desire, so why not kick back and enjoy a little bit of crazy every now and then.


Battle of temperatures

I get seriously overheated for a significant amount of time when and after I run. Because of this, I have a fan that I turn on the highest speed possible. Well the fan and treadmill happen to be directly behind the kids table. Vera really wanted to watch me run (which would be creepy especially the way she watches) but is cute since it is her. This fan though, she doesn’t care for in the least, which in essence, becomes my tool to get her to look away.  She was freezing as she was eating her breakfast at the kids table while I sweated like I was stuck in the Sahara for years. Any other kid, including my son, would have found somewhere else to sit, I mean there is a couch on the other side of the treadmill! No, not Vera. She is one of the most strong willed children I have ever met. Which I am told by so many mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, random family people from all walks of life that being “strong willed” is a great thing for their future. Okay, I agree, but WHAT ABOUT NOW?!?!?! It is great to live for the future, but why don’t we live for literally right now. Gotta love the girl!